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59 60 ANARCHISM For the students, this signified valuing products over human life and freedom. Like Read and Debord, the protestors resented the control this structure imposed on their identities and ANARCHISM’S INFLUENCE ON CIVIL choices. DISOBEDIENCE During the 1950s and 1960s, Martin Luther King Jr. led US civil rights activists in protesting unjust laws and promoting equal rights for African Americans. King was committed to civil disobedience, or nonviolent protest. His ideas were influenced by the writings of Henry David Thoreau, a US writer who advocated the opposition of unjust laws and whose ideas are often associated with anarchism, and also by the nonviolent protests of Indian lawyer and activist Mohandas Gandhi, who was, in turn, influenced by Christian anarchist Leo Tolstoy.

In his work and writings, Kropotkin, a trained scientist, grounded anarchism’s ideals and principles in the vocabulary and from the perspective of science. enthusiastic throngs grateful for his work for social justice. When he died in 1921, his large funeral procession Propaganda by the Deed was the last prominent public Anarchists and other radicals responded to the development of large-scale industry and centralized governments in a variety of ways. In Italy, a prominent anarchist named Errico Malatesta had attempted a violent insurgency, but he failed to overthrow the government.

The fervently antiauthoritarian Bakunin saw in Marx yet another version of a dictator, and Marx seemed to see Bakunin as a radical and a conspirator. In 1871, at the end of the FrancoGerman War, the First International began to split along ideological lines. Under Marx’s leadership, the German workers sought ways to function with the system. Bakunin, on the other hand, maintained that abolishing the state was the only way to achieve real change. Some of the workers, predominantly in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium, agreed with Bakunin’s plan.

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