By Sally Grindley

Ten colorfully illustrated tales that includes Alice, her brother Sam, their mom and dad, and their puppy and cat motivate young ones to begin studying on their lonesome, helped by way of the accompanying be aware and imagine dictionary highlighting seventy-two keywords utilized in the tales.

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Extra resources for A Day With Alice and Sam (A Kingfisher Ready-to-Read)

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Remake _____________________ 19. sooner _____________________ 8. unhappy _____________________ 20. nonfat _____________________ 9. hopeful _____________________ 21. magical _____________________ 10. grasped _____________________ 22. forceful _____________________ 11. tied _____________________ 23. wealthy _____________________ 12. searched _____________________ 24. drifting _____________________ Complete each sentence with one of the base words you wrote above. 1. After the snowstorm, our car was buried in a ____________________.

Do longer freeze hurtful dope longing freedom hurting doing lone freely hurdle redo 2. pay 4. kind 6. hum 8. com 29 BASE WORDS 2 Finding the base word in a longer word can help you figure out a new word’s meaning. A. B. Write the base word on each line. EXAMPLE: helpless ______________ help 1. worker _____________________ 13. American _____________________ 2. surprising _____________________ 14. foolish _____________________ 3. useful _____________________ 15. hunter _____________________ 4. slightly _____________________ 16.

One who creates works of art 5. not happy 6. base word of easy 8. to do over 10. com COMPOUND WORDS 1 A compound word joins two words as one. Usually, one plus one is two. In the case of a compound word, one plus one equals ONE! Example: side + walk = sidewalk Circle the compound word in each sentence. 1. Some sports fans say that baseball is America’s greatest sport. 2. On the school playground you can often see kids with bats and balls. 3. Students in Ms. Klein’s classroom challenged Mr. Toro’s students to a game.

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